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Code Red on High Yield Says Blumenthal

Forbes logoCMG Capital Management Group CEO Steve Blumenthal sounds the alarm on high yield bonds in his latest Forbes article (excerpt below). See the whole article here: Code Red In High Yield.

Steve is off this week, enjoying a vacation in Nantucket. Read about that and his further discussion of the dangers/opportunity in the high yield market in his 7/25/2014 On My Radar: “Seen through my lens, another “once in a generation” buying opportunity is fast approaching. I remember saying the same thing in 1999 and 2007.  The lines between generations must be shrinking as such opportunities seem to appear about once every seven years or so.”

CMG Launches Tactical Investing LinkedIn Showcase Page

CMG Capital Management Group LinkedIn SHowcase Page on Tactical Investing

By Mark Rose, Partner, InfluenceAdvisor

CMG Capital Management Group is a leader in tactical investment strategies. This is an investment approach that is not widely discussed in the financial media. How can you educate advisors and the media about tactical investing (different than tactical asset allocation)?

An effective method is through a LinkedIn Showcase Page, a free service that highlights a particular product or service and attaches to your LinkedIn company page. Why not take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer? Here are 3 big benefits of a LinkedIn Showcase Page:

1.  SEO: LinkedIn is an important search engine, comprised of 300+ million highly qualified professionals. Owning keywords for your product or service has tremendous SEO benefits on LinkedIn and in Google searches.

Search "tactical investing" on LinkedIn and get the CMG Capital Management Group Tactical Investing Showcase Page

2.  Ownership:  Once you reserve the url for your product or service, you own it. Nobody can infringe on your valuable web address. (https://www.linkedin.com/company/tactical-investing | https://www.linkedin.com/company/financial-publicity)

3.  Content Distribution: A Showcase Page can be linked to and promoted organically or through LinkedIn sponsored updates or ads. A showcase page can amplify the value of blog posts, White Papers, images, or social shares.

The new PR landscape is about content creation + distribution = PR for lasting impact. Take advantage of LinkedIn Showcase pages to increase your distribution to a targeted audience.

Tactical Investment Strategies are trading strategies that make shorter-term decisions based on factors like price momentum or fundamental valuations. They provide an important source of risk diversification.


NAPFA Conference in Salt Lake City

CMG Capital Management Group. Leaders in tactical investing strategies.These days clients are concerned that the market may be over heated. They want to know that their advisor has a strategy in place to protect against a precipitous market slide. Talk to CMG Capital Management Group about market behavior and how to construct diversified portfolios that your clients can appreciate. #NAPFA14

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InvestmentNews Practice Makeover Peaks

InvestmentNews 250Season 1 of the InvestmentNews Practice Makeover series has come to an end. I want to applaud the brains at InvestmentNews and the marketing people at Oppenheimer Funds for an innovative marketing approach.  I found the series engaging, informative, results-oriented, approximating a reality series that has applicable value to advisors.  As video has become ubiquitous, good video has become even InvetsmentNews video channelsmore citical. Engagement and a shared sense of struggle makes this series stand out.

Also impressive are the InvestmentNews video channels and shared content arrangement with Crain Communication, which includes Crain’s Wealth in Crain’s New York Business, which I read religiously (it has its place in the pantheon of NY media). InvestmentNews represents a new level of media coverage for advisors, and a confirmation that advisors are important audience to reach and influence.

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SEO Expert Joins InfluenceAdvisor Network

Brien Shanahan SEO4AdvisorsSEO has become a critical component of public relations, social media and content marketing. SEO needs to be considered at the earliest stages of planning and integrated in all facets of a PR program in the digital age.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that SEO4Advisors founder Brien Shanahan has joined the Influence Consulting Group Partner Network.

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Advisor Central Tactical Strategy Review

Active investors drive brokerage revenue growth

The increase in trading “is broad-based,” said TD Ameritrade Chief Executive Fred Tomczyk. “It’s everywhere. It’s very robust retail engagement.”